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Hudson Valley Golf Pass

Introducing Armonk

Armonk is a beautiful area in the town of North Castle, NY and has a lot to offer anyone who decides visit the Hudson River Valley. Not only is Armonk the home of your favorite O.C. character Sandy Cohen, but also the home of IBM's headquarters! These tidbits are beside the point. If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Armonk, NY is the place to be. Check out an array of great restaurants, hotels, real estate and leisure activity. Armonk is home of the great Wampus Pond where you could row your boat in the summer or ice skate in the winter! Armonk is even home to an annual Art Show held in October. What are you waiting for? Armonk, here we come!

Armonk Information

Look for useful information about Armonk, New York? Well you've come to the right place! Have you been searching for the perfect getaway from your job? Armonk has everything you could possibly look for in a vacation spot, including tons of restaurants, hotels, and more importantly, a whole lotta fun! The Hudson Valley is a beautiful site for anyone to see, young or old. So bring your entire family! Armonk is home to the Canyon Club which would provide joy golfers of all skill levels. If you'rer into outdoorsy activity, Armonk is home to the Wampus Pond, where you could row boats, or sit and relax. The best part about Armonk is it's just minute from the Big Apple!


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